Meet the Henry Lorentzen Virtual Museum Curator...
Vanessa Lorentzen, granddaughter of Henry, was raised on the family farm/ranch and understood her grandfather’s passion for his artwork from an early age.  All of her memories surround the art room or the unveiling of the latest painting in the modest living room of the 'little white house', (as it is referred to in Yvonne’s McGuire’s book, Daddy Was An Artist.)  Small art lessons were given and color crayons and paper a staple for the grandchildren that came to visit.  She credits much of her artistic eye to the casual training she received as a little girl.  Clearly the “more is caught than taught” rule was applied to her little visits with Grandpa.   It is a dream come true for her to offer Henry Lorentzen Art Prints to the public for the first time, and to a new generation of western art lovers.   These reproductions are the finest quality on the market today and reflect each brush stroke and color combination with complete accuracy.  Wouldn’t Grandpa be thrilled? 

Vanessa is wife to Tim and the mother of 6 wonderful kids.   A passionate music lover she has spent a portion of her life devoted to teaching both the Suzuki and Mark O'Connor violin method.  While still living in Bismarck her studio included a 0-3 year old class after she obtained 3 levels of the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Infant/Toddler Music Training.  Since moving to Indiana she is currently immersed in launching this print business and helping her Aunt Yvonne with her book projects.  She still takes a handful of violin students and has a new musical venture upon discovering the Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer.

Meet the Lorentzen family...
The Lorentzen family came to America from Norway and settled in ND in 1886.  Lorentz and Martha (Thompson) Lorentzen

Lorentz Lorentzen came from sea-faring people, and with an adventuresome spirit, he adapted quickly to life in the land-locked prairies of the Dakota Territory.   His wife Martha Thompson and her story was featured in the book Fifty Pioneer Mothers of McLean County North Dakota by Mary A. Barnes Williams.  So this is where the family has made their home, next to the big Missouri River, the Cottonwood trees and the rolling hills for the past 5 generations. 

The Henry Lorentzen Website is a family enterprise designed to preserve and propel the legacy forward for future generations.  In doing so we realize that many collectors will also enjoy this site as a place to share stories about the artist as well.  This website is intended as a 'virtual museum' or art gallery of sorts.  Many paintings live in various places in the United States and around the world.  Collectors may never have a chance to visit the state of North Dakota, where grandson, John Lorentzen operates a Western Gallery along the Missouri River honoring his grandfather.  This is why Vanessa Lorentzen, John's sister and grand-daughter of the artist is thrilled to be launching this website in May of 2012.

Daddy Was an Artist is a
delightful book by Yvonne Lorentzen McGuire, daughter of Henry,  and is the first on the subject of the Lorentzen family in North Dakota.  Homestead Memories on Buffalo Paunch Creek, the story of Lorentz and Martha
will be available soon and will be a treasure for those researching the movements of real life pioneers at the turn of the 20th century. 

One of our main goals is to have additional information for each chapter in the book Daddy Was An Artist.  Video clips, color or additional photographs, newspaper clippings and matters of historical interest.  We would love to include current photographs of happy 'art owners' displaying their Henry Lorentzen collector pieces.